The Architect i2000SR is compatible with other Architect products and when used with the series, consolidates immunoassay and clinical chemistry onto a single platform. Two different i2000SRs can be used together to form a superior i40000SR.

The i2000SR allows for greater capacity in immunoassay testing, due to the improved capacity of samples and reagents. The system helps faster reporting of STAT results through dedicated segments in a 3D sample handler. Also the device can report the results with greater accuracy, thanks to the Chemiflex technology, which uses different protocols.




OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Abbott IMX system is a fully automated immunoassay analyzer designed to run assays using Enzyme Immunoassay and Fluorescence Polarization Immunoassay technologies. The IMX system software provides you with the capability to run fully automated assays and multiple assays as well. The IMX Unidirectional Interface, which is available with all versions of IMX System Software, interfaces the Abbott IMX System to a laboratory computer or host computer. As data is being printed on the IMX test results tape, the interface sends the data from the IMX to the host computer. The IMX system has six major subsystems which are; a dispense station, a reaction chamber, sensors and detectors, and operator control panel, software modules and a built-in printer. These subsystems are contained in the one-piece outer shell of your IMX called the Enclosure Assembly. The IMX is capable of running tests such as those for Endocrine function, Diabetes, Fertility, HIV/AIDS, Cancer, Kidney disease, Hepatitis, STD’s, Transplant, Heart disease, Rubella, Thyroid and Congenital disease.
Tests on the IMx System:
Cancer (5 tests)
Cardiac (2 tests)
Fertility/Pregnancy (1 test)
Hepatitis/Retrovirus (2 tests)
Infectious Disease (5 tests)
Metabolic (2 tests)
Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (2 tests)
Thyroid (5 tests)
Transplant (2 tests)
Parameters: 35 assays
Throughput: 48 samples / hour
If you have one of these units, buy a second one for spare parts or as a backup at a very economical price.


The Abbott TDx FLx® Immunology Analyzer continues be one of the best options in the dynamic field of therapeutic drug monitoring. The Abbott analyzer is designed to perform tests in three modes: random access, batch, and unit dose, and performs 1 to 8 different assays with up to 20 samples which can be done on a single carousel run. Assay testing is conducted in batch mode operation, enabled by the TDx FLx® Batch-Pack Adapter which is a platform that holds the batch reagent pack.

Operations on TDx FLx® analyzer are carried out using fluorescence polarization technology. The TDx FLx® system follows a competitive binding immunoassay methodology, and prints out calculations of drug or hormone concentrations (in unknown samples) in reportable units. Calculations are done using the stored calibration curve.

This Abbott TDx FLx® analyzer system also employs the use of radiative energy attenuation (REA®) technology to achieve seamless performance clinical chemistry assays. Endpoint nephelometry technology is also used to perform Turbo® Specific Protein assays.

The automated system of the Abbott TDx FLx® Immunology Analyzer can perform a variety of laboratory tests including therapeutic drug assays, toxicology/abused drugs, metabolic, hormones, clinical chemistries, specific proteins, fertility/pregnancy, and metabolic. The TDxFLx® analyzer has consistently provided laboratory technicians with enhanced efficiency when performing tests on endocrine function, hormones, toxicology, abused drugs, and immunosuppressants.


Oznaczenia przeprowadzane na analizatorze TDxFLx:
  • Badania środków odurzających/toksykologiczne
  • Diagnostyka płodności/ciąży
  • Diagnostyka zaburzeń metabolizmu
  • Oznaczanie białek specyficznych
  • Terapeutyczne monitorowanie leków

TDX/FLX – Chemiluminescence Immunoassay Analyzer

Manufacturer:        Abbott Laboratories
Method:    Enzyme Immunoassay and Fluorescence Polarization Immunoassay technologies
Detector:        Photomultiplier tube
Light source:        Tungsten halogen lamp, 50W, 8V
Sample volume:    50 to 500 L
Sample Carousel:     1 to 20 samples

TDX/FLX uses competitive binding immunoassay methodology to allow traced-labeled antigen and patient antigen to compete for binding sites on the antibody molecules.

Advia Centaur CP

 ADVIA Centaur CP – Immunoassay System

SpecificationAdvia Centaur CP_20000167.1
Manufactures:     Siemens
Method:    Chemiluminescence
Applications:     Allergy, Anemia, Bone, Cardiac, Diabetes, Hepatitis and HIV, Immunosuppresants, Liver Fibrosis, Metabolic, Reproductive Endocrinology, Sepsis, TDM, Thyroid Function, ToRCH and Special ID, Tumor Markers/Oncology
Sample capacity: 84 samples, continuous loading in 12-position sample racks
Throughput:    Up to 180 tests per hour in batch or random access mode

The ADVIA Centaur CP Immunoassay System is a high-throughput benchtop system that enhances your in-house immunoassay test capability. 


Advia Centaur XP

CentaurXPCan your lab handle both routine and specialized testing without sacrificing efficiency? Can you maintain speed and accuracy for an increasingly diverse patient population? The high-performance ADVIA Centaur® XP system has more onboard reagents and dedicated STAT capabilities to maximize productivity, regardless of volume or types of tests. Always ready, continuous operation without interruption.

    High throughput, up to 240 tests/hour
    Intuitive software for ease of operation
    STAT port guarantees priority sampling at any time
    Data archive reduces administrative tasks
    Extensive menu with 30 onboard reagents
    Increase productivity by connecting to Siemens’ Aptio™ Automation, ADVIA® Automation, StreamLAB® Automation or VersaCell® Solutions















Beckman ACCESS


Beckman Coulter Access/Access 2 – Bidirectional (Millennium)

Device interface for use with Beckman Coulter Access/Access 2 (Bi-dir) and Cerner Millennium.

Vendor: Beckman Coulter
Model: Access/Access 2
Cerner Platform: Millennium
Care Type: General Laboratory
Interface Detail: Bidirectional

Beckman Coulter Access/Access 2 – Bidirectional (Millennium) provides a communication link between a laboratory analyzer (i.e., instrument) and the Cerner System.

This instrument software interface supports automatic transmission of both patient demographics and work orders from Cerner system to analyzer, and allows automatic transfer of results from the analyzer to Cerner Laboratory system.

The bidirectional interface is designed as a time saving device, allowing patient demographics and work order automatically downloaded to the analyzer and allowing results to be automatically recorded/uploaded onto the Cerner system with minimum human intervention.

Client Benefits:

    Automation – automatically transfers patient demographics and work order to the analyzer and automatically records result data onto Laboratory system.
    Accuracy – elimination of data entry which in turn minimizes human error.
    Time saving – improve efficiency in the lab.

Major Features:

    Depending on the analyzer’s capability, transmitted order information could include: accession number, bar code, or other sample identifier; requested collection date and time; drawn date and time; collection priority (routine vs. STAT); ordering doctor name or number; etc.
    Depending on the analyzer’s capability, transmitted patient demographics could include: name; age (years); birthdate; medical record number; financial number; nursing station or location; room and bed; etc.
    Some interfaces can run online for immediate result verification and reporting, depending on the instrument’s capability
    Optionally supports accession number of bar code printing for testing site specimen identification purposes.
    Provides a complete audit trail of communications.

Beckman/Coulter ACCESS 2

Access2_500124.1Automatyczne chemiluminescencyjne analizatory immunologiczne typu „random access” do oznaczeń hormonów, chorób infekcyjnych (hepatitis i Torch) leków, markerów nowotworowych, kardiologicznych i innych parametrów.

 With an intuitive operator interface, enhanced sample handling and innovative menu, the state-of-the-art Access 2 system delivers new levels of laboratory efficiency, standardization and cost effectiveness. A broad menu of high quality assays from Beckman Coulter, plus new, productivity-enhancing features on the Access 2 offer laboratories a flexible option for immunoassay testing.


Simplify System Operation

    New touch-panel user interface improves data & sample management
    View rack and run completion time on screen, in real time
    Quickly view information on requested test, pending work and test results
    Perform user-defined reflex testing to eliminate repetitive, manual processes
    Check status of required supplies
    Runs on Windows® NT software for optimal operator effectiveness
    Take advantage of enhanced on-board quality control

Network and sample handling capability improve productivity

    Link up to four systems through a single LIS interface for greater efficiency
    Instruments share information such as test requests and test results
    Streamline workflow with the system’s flexible sample handling, using bar-coded primary and/or aliquot tubes

Innovative menu and accurate test results

    Cardiac panel inlcludes AccuTnI™ Troponin I and BNP
    Magnetic particle separation with chemiluminescent detection technology achieves wide analytical range and fast assay processing
    Twenty-four resident assays with continuous random access and STAT capability
    On-board refrigeration enhances reagent stability

Remote System Support Capability

System experts can monitor instrument event logs, QC information and calibration data from a remote location via modem

Bio Merieux Mini VIDAS Blue/Mini Vidas Grey/Mini Vidas 12

MiniVidas V12_U4855.1

Pierwszy w pełni zautomatyzowany system do szybkich analiz żywności i środowiska produkcyjnego pod kątem wykrywania patogenów.

System VIDAS jest urządzeniem wieloparametrowym. Posiada dwie lub pięć niezależnych sekcji, w każdej po sześć miejsc pomiarowych.

Użycie aparatu pozwala na wykonanie pojedynczych badań

lub dużej serii analiz.

Pojedyncze testy gotowe do użycia , standardy i surowice kontrolne oraz kalibracja w formie kodu kreskowego.

1553262Compact multiparametric immunoanalyzer

mini VIDAS® is a compact automated immunoassay system based on the Enzyme Linked Fluorescent Assay (ELFA) principles. Convenient and user-friendly, it provides accurate on-demand test results.

    Robust and reliable: MTBF > 1 100 days
    Up to 36 tests per hour
    Broad menu: over 100 parameters available in single-test ready-to-use format
    Adapted to STAT testing

– See more at:

VIDAS® and miniVIDAS®  instruments are multiparametric immunoassay systems designed to help provide the most accurate laboratory results.  

With more than 3,000 food laboratories who have chosen VIDAS solutions for their routine analyses, bioMérieux is the worldwide leader in automated solutions for pathogen screening.

    For Agri/Food Quality Control
    For Personal Care Testing


VIDAS® is an automated, multiparametric immunoassay system. This uniquely designed testing device stores the calibration in the analyzer’s memory, thus optimizing the cost-per-sample result. Plus, with its ready-to-use reagents, minimum maintenance, ease of use and uni/bi-directional interface, labor cost is also optimized. Automation and kinetic assay reactions yield rapid turnaround time.

miniVIDAS® is a compact version of the VIDAS® system with a built-in computer, keyboard and printer. Two independent sections each accept six tests and can process up to 12 samples simultaneously.

This automated immunoassay system is reliable and economical. It uses ELFA (Enzyme Linked Fluorescent Assay) Phage and immuno concentration technology, has no carryover risks, requires a one-point recalibration once every 14 or 28 days depending on the assay and optimizes the cost per sample for batch or single sample testing. In addition, the menu of available assays is constantly evolving.

BIORAD Evolis (ETI MAX 3000

Evolis 9163700382.1The EVOLIS™ System is a self contained micoroplate processor for automated EIA testing. Offering a high degree of analytical performance, the system is dedicated to smooth and safe handling of materials.

Designed for low to high volume testing, the EVOLIS™ System is fully automated for walkaway operation. It can process up to 6 plates per worklist running up to 4 tests per plate. The System has a capacity of up to 180 primary tubes with racks accommodating tubes 8–16 mm in diameter. Other features include four independent temperature controlled incubators, four ambient light protected incubators and three different wash buffers.

With comprehensive, multitasking software and full bi-directional functionality, one or more EVOLIS™ Systems can be connected to the laboratory information system (LIS).

The EVOLIS™ System offers the right solution for your laboratory testing needs.


Cobas e601
Cobas 6000_0763-12.5

 The Roche Cobas E601 supported by Roche Diagnostics is routinely available from Diamond Diagnostics in refurbished condition. All instruments refurbished by Diamond, including the Roche Cobas E601, are disassembled down to-the-frame then thoroughly cleaned, polished and eventually refinished with a durable 3 part industrial paint that matches the instrument’s original color and sheen. During re-assembly components are validated, repaired or replaced as needed followed by full diagnostics, calibration and running controls as a final step. Afterward the instruments are inspected and prepared for international transit. Should you wish to receive more information on the Roche Cobas E601 Immunology Analyzer such as pricing, detailed specifications and availability go to Analyzer Search.

Grifols tritus
Grifols Triturus_053-086-0868.2

Triturus – automated ELISA analyzer
Manufactures:     Grifols

Triturus is a completely open and fully automated ELISA analyzer which can perform a variety of different tests on a group of samples and process several batches simultaneously. TRITURUS can be programmed for all the steps in any ELISA micro-well test. Triturus performs all the steps of any microplate ELISA assay including: sample dilution, reagent dispensing, washing, reading, calculation of results.






DPC Immulite One

DPC Immulite is a Diagnostic Products Corporation (now a division of Siemens) manufactured immunoassay system, offering fully integrated operation.

DPC Immulite chemistry analyzer is greatly appreciated by the clinicians and technicians worldwide because of its simplicity, reliability, flexible platforms, expanded menu list and high performance features. This bench top model utilizes enzyme-amplified chemiluminescent chemistry for detection of antibody or antigen.

With this device, rapid tests for cardiac biomarkers, infectious diseases, reproductive, thyroid, anemia function, diabetes, TDM, endocrinology, tumor markers, drugs of abuse, serology, allergy, and esoteric can be done in random access mode.





Roche Diagnostics Elecsys 2010 has the power and efficiency to meet the needs of medium and large volume testing facilities.

Roche Elecsys 2010, which is available in the form of sample disk or a rack handling system, can be operated in both continuous and random access modes in medium- to large-volume laboratories.  For expanding workloads, the Elecsys 2010 System can be equipped for sample rack handling with the capacity for 100 samples. Based on the same five-position sample rack used on Roche/Hitachi chemistry systems, the Elecsys 2010 rack system facilitates sample flow by allowing sample racks to be transferred directly from the Elecsys 2010 System to Roche/Hitachi and Integra systems.

The Elecsys 2010 System features up to 15 assays onboard and a throughput of 88 tests per hour.  There are 42 positions for primary tubes and 24 positions for secondary cups. STAT samples can be introduced into normal routine operation at any time and are assigned the highest priority for processing. Operator interface is via a graphical monitor with custom soft keys. Elecsys 2010 disk and Elecsys 2010 rack holds 30 and 100 positions for samples respectively.

With Roche Elecsys 2010 system at your workstation, you can attain benefits such as easy and trouble free operation, workflow flexibility, faster turnaround times, broad measuring ranges, and more.


Immulite1000_E1022.2The IMMULITE® 1000 system is a small bench top immunoassay analyzer. The extensive menu, low cost of operation, reliability, and ease of use makes this system a great choice for laboratories with low-volume immunoassay tests.

    Over 100 Outside the U.S. (90 U.S.) assays for routine and esoteric testing, increases the lab’s in-house testing capabilities
    The reliability and ease-of-use makes the IMMULITE 1000 system particularly well suited for use in remote laboratories throughout the world.




Immulite2000_E0852.1Analizator tej klasy potrafi wykonać do 200 testów na godzinę, został zaprojektowany z myślą o optymalnej wydajności przy dużym i średnim obciążeniu pracą.

– 24 odczynniki dostępne jednocześnie
– Opatentowane rozcieńczanie na pokładzie
– Testy dodatkowe dostarczają pełniejszych danych klinicznych
– Automatyczna ponowna analiza próbek, których wynik nie mieści się w dopuszczalnym zakresie.

– Pełne menu typowych i nietypowych testów skraca czas uzyskania informacji koniecznych do diagnozy klinicznej. VersaCell™ –
– Testy trzeciej generacji
– Wykrywanie skrzepów
– Opatentowana technika mycia zapewnia wysoką czułość

– Minimalna konieczność obecności operatora, łatwy dostęp i uproszczone procedury konserwacji
– Chłodzenie na pokładzie
– Interfejs użytkownika stworzony specjalnie z myślą o sprawniejszej obsłudze
– Automatyczne śledzenie poziomu odczynników, materiałów zużywalnych i odpadów

The IMMULITE® 2000 immunoassay system has been designed specifically for optimum efficiency and consolidation in medium- and high-volume laboratories. The IMMULITE 2000 intuitive software, and graphical user interface, offers streamlined information management, from remote test ordering to sophisticated analysis of results.

    Throughput of up to 200 tests/hour
    User-defined automatic dilution protocols
    Five hours of usable walkaway time
    Third-generation assays for excellent sensitivity
    Comprehensive menu of more than 100* assays
    Easily automated through VersaCell™ or other ADVIA Automation Systems


Immulite2000XPi_c0289.1The highly reliable IMMULITE® 2000 XPi system is easy to use and has one of the largest automated immunoassay menus available. Medium- to high-volume laboratories can incorporate specialty and allergy testing into routine workloads to improve productivity and efficiency.

    Customized automated startup for daily routine maintenance and quality control scheduling
    Reagent onboard stability of 90 days
    Tube-top sample cups for micro-sample handling
    Home screens with at-a-glance status on a 19 inch touch screen monitor
    Options available for direct water feed and bulk solid waste chute
    Siemens Automation solutions available through VersaCell® Systems



Siemens BEP 2000

bepThe BEP 2000 Advance® System* and Enzygnost® and Novagnost® Assays (ELISA) help to detect infectious diseases (IDD), such as HIV, hepatitis, borreliosis and herpes but also bacteria, fungi, worms and other parasites. It provides fully automated processing of microtitration plates (MTP). BEP 2000 Advance together with Enzygnost and Novagnost offer:

    Perfect design for low- to mid-volume labs or specialty IDD labs
    Barcode identification of primary tubes and reagents
    In-process control of all steps
    User-friendly, convenient software
    Broad menu of proven Enzygnost and Novagnost assays



Tosoh AIA 360

SAM_2669The AIA-360’s size and affordability make it an
excellent fit for POLs and small hospitals, as well
as for specialty testing or for use as a back-up analyzer.

System Features:
• 36 tests per hour
• First result ~ 20 minutes
• Full ST test menu
• Random access
• Continuous processing
• Simple touch screen operation
• Bar-coded primary tube sampling
Ideal for:
• Physician Office Labs
• Small hospitals
• Specialty analyzer
• Back-up analyzer

• AIA-360: <500 tests per month

16(W) x 16(D) x 21(H) inches / 61 lbs
400(W) x 400(D) x 520 (H) mm / 29 kg

Tosoh AIA 600II

Tosoh AIA600II_21422602.1The AIA-600 II has earned an industrywide reputation for delivering extremely accurate results and reliable operations.

System Features:
• 60 tests per hour
• STAT assay results in ~ 18 minutes
• Compact benchtop size
• Random access for both routine and STAT immunoassays
• Automated sample dilution and pre-treatment
• Simple user-friendly operation
• Automated sample level sensing
• Automated daily maintenance

Ideal for:
• Hospitals (all sizes)
• Physican office labs
• Specialty analyzer
• Back-up analyzer

• AIA-600 II: 500 – 1500 tests per month

31.9(W) x 29.1(D) x 20.1(H) inches / 154 lbs
810(W) x 740(D) x 510 (H) mm / 70 kg

Tosoh AIA G8 HLC

Tosoh HLC-723G8.1It is generally known that HbA1c (glycohemoglobin) is grouped into A1a, A1b, L-A1c, and sA1c categories according to the kind of glucose so combined. Measurement of HbA1c is widely utilized today as an index for diabetic screening tests and also as a therapeutical index for the long-term blood glucose control of diabetes mellitus. HLC-723G8 is an automated, high performance liquid chromatography system designed to measure HbA1c accurately and rapidly. It is also used for quantitative and qualitative analysis of HbF, which cannot be easily measured by conventional methods. Therefore, highly reliable data can therefore be obtained by utilizing this system.





Roche Cardiac Reader T632
Cardiac Reader_2010581.1

Cardiac Reader – D-Dimer and Troponin T Analyzer

Manufactures:            Roche
Method:            immunoassay tests
Reaction time for Troponin T:    12 minutes
Reaction time for D-Dimer:    8 minutes.

The Roche Cardiac Reader is an instrument for the quantitative evaluation of immunoassays using
the gold-labeling technique. 





SAM_2393Automated real-time amplification and detection of DNA or RNA
Real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing for clinical laboratories.

This system allows automated real-time amplification and detection of DNA or RNA for up to two assays at the same time.  Combined with the COBAS® AmpliPrep Instrument and AMPLILINK software for automated sample preparation and data analysis.
Features and Benefits


Automated, Real-Time PCR Solution:

Works in combination with the COBAS® AmpliPrep Instrument to automate sample preparation, amplification, and quantitation of RNA or DNA
Data management
AMPLILINK software provides a simple, efficient user interface between the COBAS® TaqMan® 48 Analyzer and the custom-built, Windows®-based PC supplied with the system

Loading Capacity:

Two thermal cyclers can run  independent PCR profiles simulataneously


Application Flexibility:

One  platform separately configurable  to run IVD assays and up to 10 user-defined applications
Fast procedure, fast results
Amplifies and detects RNA and DNA within hours

Simple to Use:

Requires no user interaction after sample loading completed
Reduces the risk of sample contamination
Optimizes workflow

Easy to Integrate:

Small, compact footprint

TECAN Freeedom EVO

Tecan FreedomEvo_0605267029.4The Freedom EVO series offers four different worktable capacities (75, 100, 150 and 200 cm) each with building-block modularity that brings precision, reliable liquid handling and easy-to-use robotics. Each platform can be combined with a wide choice of robotic arms, liquid handling tools and application options powered by straightforward software to meet your individual needs. The upgradeable Freedom EVO platform can evolve with your changing application needs making your initial investment even more valuable. Select the best pre-configured automation solution for your laboratory or create your own individual system according to your specific needs together with our automation specialists.


Vision Bond Max

Immunohistochemical staining was performed as follows: 2-μm-thick sections were prepared from formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded TMA tissue blocks and were dried in a 60°C oven overnight. The sections were placed in a Bond Max Automated Immunohistochemistry Vision Biosystem (Leica Microsystems GmbH, Wetzlar, Germany) according to the following protocol. First, tissues were deparaffinized and pre-treated with the Epitope Retrieval Solution 2 (EDTA-buffer pH8.8) at 98°C for 20 min. After washing steps, peroxidase blocking was carried out for 10 min using the Bond Polymer Refine Detection Kit DC9800 (Leica Microsystems GmbH). Tissues were again washed and then incubated with the primary antibody for 30 min. Subsequently, tissues were incubated with polymer for 10 min and developed with DAB-Chromogen for 10 min.